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Work Components

What are the different components that we work on....

While keeping our focus on our purpose and the objectives as stated above, we shall have to work on various components separately so that they then can come together in anintegrated fashion to let us achieve our stated objectives. Following are some of the key components that we work on independently.


Each component will have a set of guidelines and the do’s and don’ts (aligned with our guiding themes) so that even if the people who are working within a component do not understand or see the grand connections, they are still able to work effectively with least dissonance.


a.  Water - total water management, w. budget, w. audit

b.  Biomass - budget,

c.  Energy - renewable

d.  Living Soil - full of natural cultures, organic carbon 

e.  Natural Precision Farming - NATUECO

f.  Livelihood -  mostly based on primary productivity

g.  Curative Health and Sanitation

h.  Preventive health

i.  Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayam etc.

j.  Eco economics

k.  Recreation and Enjoyment

l.  Housing and built in capital

m.  Mobility and communication

n.  Value addition and allied industry

o.  Animal Husbandry

p.  Herbal

q.  Education-'gurukul' based learning

r.  Appropriate Technology

s.  Community integration with adjoining villages

t.  Training/Learning

u.  Special programs(Apprentice Program,Eco Entrepreneurship) 

v.  Indo-centric research

w.  Individual development - emancipation