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Operating Guidelines

Operating guidelines are the instructions on 'how to' for each and every activity or work that we want to accomplish at Sreejan. They are applicable to an individual as well as to collective action. An elected Governing Council(GC) will ensure strict adherence to these guidelines on day to day basis. As an example a list of some action/activities are given below. A member might want to refer to "Operating Guideline Handbook" for a detailed procedure, rule and method of accomplishing a particular task/process. These operating guidelines shall be reviewed once a year for their relevance and effectiveness. For members who wish to understand the reason or logic of why a particular guideline is written in a particular way or tone, he is requested to refer the "Governing Principles" and the "Core Beliefs" and take it up with the GC during annual review .

  1. Decision Making Processes/Hierarchy
  2. Accountability
  3. Governance Mechanism and Structure
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Enrollment and Induction
  6. Funding
  7. Financial Management
  8. Community Relationships
  9. External Communication and relationships
  10. Rights and Privileges(based on type of relationship with Sreejan)
  11. Rights and Privileges for the use of commons
  12. Limits to use of modern technology and materials at Sreejan (money, men material) from outside
  13. Yardstick for measuring our progress
  14. Feedback mechanisms 
  15. Protocol for surfacing and resolving differences (born out of choices and lack of awareness)
  16. Protocol for ensuring security-emotional, physical
  17. Protocol for unreasonable expectation management (as some would see it)
  18. Protocol for inviting, coordinating  and managing ‘friends of Sreejan’