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Governing Principles

  1. Inclusion-Open & Diverse

     We will not reject or exclude anything or anyone that do not fit our expectations as long as we have agreement around Sreejan’s core beliefs. 

      We will say yes to everything that is modern as well as that which is ancient-in terms of ideology, technology, philosophy and people but would scrutinize them thru the lens of the laws of nature

  We will respect and encourage diversity-of thought, approach, aspirations, personal spaces

        We will use dialogue and prolonged and deep conversations extensively to build diversity.

  1. Venturism- Experimentative, Creative

    We will all be learners, experimenters, visionaries and creators of what we deeply desire. We will strive to create abundance in all 5 capitals-(Social, built, natural, human and monetary)

   We will aim for a balance between complete self sufficiency from within and interdependence from without thru surplus exchange mechanisms

      ‘Samrudhhi’ which goes beyond fulfillment and abundance would be the hall mark of Sreejan

  1. Culture-Deep relationships born out of Freedom, Respect, Trust and Care

      We will follow the principle of “Say what you do and do what you say”

      Freedom, Respect, Trust and Care will be the foundation of that mutuality called Sreejan community.

       We will institutionalize robust processes for DDE-Discovering Disharmony Early

      We will be guided by the core principles of non violence and non exploitation as observed thru laws of nature



  1. Systems Design-Mimic Nature

     Our community will be inspired and organized in the way natural eco systems organize and sustain themselves.

     We will strive to balance Independence and interdependence thru intentional processes to raise awareness of self while living in community

      We will build a learning community which knows how to unlearn, adapt, adopt and self organize-one person at a time

     We would strive to mimic natural systems in building our systems-for all the 5 capitals

          What is wanting to emerge would be observed with silence and fed back to the design process to align our systems and processes for remaining relevant, robust and flexible