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The core beliefs would be reviewed every 3 years, governing principles every 2 years and the operating guidelines every year through an open and consensus driven process of dialogue between all community members.

Core Beliefs- These are the deepest beliefs we hold today. These are the beliefs that we individually trust as being deeply aligned with who each of us is at the core. These beliefs are the primary force that has brought us together at ‘Sreejan’ and they are the glue that keeps the community alive and connected in spite of our outward differences in our thoughts and actions. These beliefs have shaped all our values and principles. Over time as we evolve, we do expect our beliefs to get refined and therefore we expect our governing principles and our operating guidelines to be refined as well.

  1. Belief regarding Our Purpose: We as humans are programmed to seek the ultimate truth. We don’t have a choice to not allow seeking to happen thru us. Our ways and speeds may be different. Even those who seemingly do wrong things, at the deepest level of their intention are seeking truth in their own way. No one is wrong in that sense. Allowing ourselves to be in touch with the truth is our inner purpose and we may call it the ‘Centering Process’.  This centering we believe cannot be a collective process. It happens at individual level only (inside each of us) within an interdependent and conducive external environment. Therefore our purpose at the most fundamental level is to engage in and with this community at ‘Sreejan’ to get centered. Our purpose is not to change the world or propagate one right way or correct anyone or anything. Each one of us may do very different things outwardly but the purpose in each case is to centre ourselves. Paradoxically, as we get centered, we might observe that our actions, thoughts and words do the magical correction needed effortlessly and gently to the outside world.
  2. Belief regarding Our Way of Learning: Each individual is born fully equipped to get centered or discover the truth for himself. He is complete and needs no uninvited input externally. No one needs to teach anyone. While wanting to grow and learn we consider the infallible laws of nature as a powerful source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Therefore our learning style may be called “self directed, interdependent learning style”. We encourage everyone to manifest his/her diverse choices through awareness and action with a strong bias for receiving all kinds of feedback. We rely on seeking (and not teaching) through wonder, silence, authentic conversations and some deep introspective processes. The community is ever ready to embrace all true learners and teachers though no one intends to teach anyone anything. 
  3. Belief regarding Our Work Space: ‘Sreejan’ is a space to facilitate and maybe expedite individual’s discovery of the truth in an interdependent community where others are consciously seeking the same in their own unique way. Here we have the freedom and luxury of a private space (not necessarily privately owned) within an open inviting interdependent community. Navankur is open to all who share the same beliefs and is completely neutral, non religious and non directive. Therefore we may call Sreejan as an “Open space to Co-live, Co-create and Co-evolve where mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual care are visible in its culture and is noticeable as its hallmark”
  4. Belief regarding Our Work: We believe that creative action in the material world is a fundamental process that each of us needs to be engaged in because it is in creative action done with awareness that we find a potential to get centered. So each of us, in our own unique way wants to create something (does not matter what) with energy, festivity and enthusiasm and a sense of abundance without any fear or scarcity mind set. As we grow we hope to see more of celebration, jubilation and ecstasy everywhere and less of drudgery, struggle, fear and sadness.

We believe that each of us would create with varying depths and impact. Some will start with creating for the self and slowly graduate to co-creating for the larger whole while others may work on a larger canvas. However all creative action would respect the natural laws of the earth/eco system. We believe that creative action guided by the infallible laws of nature is the least harmful and least violent way to learn, live, earn and celebrate.

  1. Belief about our beliefs: All beliefs are only beliefs and not law (including these 5) and may be necessary but not sufficient to achieve our purpose.