Our Vision

Our Vision.....2015

As Deepak Suchde sees:

Between 10 to 15 families well settled, demonstrating  how to integrate 5 L(learning, living, livelihood, laughter and love), engaged in  thriving natueco models on 1 acre/5 acres/10Guntha/Ganga Maa for different crops…people are able to actually earn at the rate of  4 lacs/year/acre

A fully functional, completely financially self sufficient training centre for organic farming…..about 100 people are trained every month….all food needs are being met by buying 70 to 80% from our own eco entrepreneurs

Thick productive forest…..which is giving our fuel, energy and food needs for the 50 odd people living there as well as for the 100 plus visitors.

We have amply demonstrated that it is possible to produce 40 tons/acre of dry biomass

As Rajesh Gupta sees it:

10 to 15 EE’s(Eco Entrepreneurs)  earning Rs 2lacs/acre (after expenses) thru natueco or similar methods.

Another 10 to 15 people are living here(but not necessarily  engaged as EE)

A population of about 50 people are engaged at various levels of relationship…from simple labor  to EE to gain sharing

We are training 100 people/month….needs no support from outside, all expenses paid for by the system….we are known not only for natueco but other related training as well….for all age groups…e.g., healing, yoga, forestry, bio diversity etc

A healthy consumer/producer relationship exists between EE’s and  some consumers in Bhopal

I see water use efficiency to its full…..are using less and less water more and more efficiently

All energy needs are being met locally….mostly thru biomass

The neighboring land of 50 to 100 acres has joined (with 125 acres) in this journey

As Rajinder Raina sees it:

30 to 50 families are living here out of which at least 10 are EE’s

10 EE’s are comfortably making a living….by combining farming income as well as additional incomes from the training and or leisure activities…boating, swimming

10 to 15 acres (out of the total 125) looking strikingly different from other area because of the intensive work that has been done for last 5 years….both on soil, biomass, water and on the people engaged there

People getting awe struck by seeing the proof on the ground of what we say in our training

Training centre has become famous all over India and is attracting attention because of which we have more enquiries than we can handle….it is financially self sustaining

Rajeshji living in his wonderfully decorated house ….full of flowers and greenery

Deepakji engaged completely in his 1 acre and in training new comers….lot of visitors coming to him

Myself living there for most part of the year

We have become famous for developing a unique engagement model where different people with different roles engage with each other in structured but flexible way, guided by the common purpose and a few operating principles. 

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