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Project SIMPLE

SIMPLE- a new training scheme launched: As part of our multi pronged initiatives at Barkheda, we launched SIMPLE project ( on the 1st of Jan 2012.

SIMPLE stands for sustainable, intensive micro-farming program for living and earning. It is a 3 year fully residential hands on training program where young educated youth from the local community are trained to become self sufficient on as small as 10,000 sq ft of land (called 10 Guntha farming) or on 1 acre and also generate surpluses. They will actually earn about 1 lac/year from the 1 acre that has been allocated to each of them as their ‘working laboratory’. Details of the scheme are attached herewith.

After a rigorous screening and intensive interactions with about 100 youth who were invited in Dec 2011 to our campus for a full day exposure visit, we selected 5 trainees who joined us on 1st Jan 2012.

They spent 7 days with Deepak Suchde at Bajwada learning the basics of Natueco farming and now they are living, learning and working at Sreejan to make their dream come true. They are absolutely excited and energized about their future and they need your help.

Let me introduce the champions.
Bhura (front row,extreme right) is 12th pass and has driven heavy truck on the Bhopal-Mumbai highway for 3 years. He used to earn about 7 to 8 thousand but found that life to be very tough and boring. He is passionate about technical things-tractors, machines and loves to keep his workplace clean. He is always on his toes and loves to cook exotic dishes whenever he has time. Dr Vimarsh Raina has agreed to sponsor and be his mentor.

Raja Ram (front row,extreme left) is very shy and quite but whenever he opens his mouth, he speaks sense. He is currently pursuing B.A and wants to one day teach others how to earn a livelihood respectably out of just 10 Gunthas of land (10,000 sq ft). He comes from a very humble and poor background. Ashish Agarwal has agreed to sponsor and be his mentor.

Manoj (front row,centeris a tribal youth from Balaghat. He is the funny and cool guy in the group and keeps others in good humor all the time. He is a very sharp observer and quick learner.

Manohar (back row,in white shirt) graduated in botany and zoology because he always loved nature and wanted to understand how universe works. Prior to joining SIMPLE, he taught environment science to class 9 and class 10 students in the Govt high school at Uljhavan(which is 7km from our site). He is a deep thinker and a guide to other trainees. Has tremendous potential to become a facilitator and a teacher in future. He was instrumental in finding the right talent for our first batch of SIMPLE. Ranjana Garg has agreed to sponsor and be his mentor

Parvesh (back row, polo shirt) is a graduate and has tried his hand at becoming an entrepreneur. He successfully operated a private school in his village for about 3 years but could not pull on as ‘well to do farmers would not pay the fees while poor farmers would never default!’ as per him. He is excited to see a new beginning for himself.

How can you help?

This is a request to all members of Sreejan community to sponsor one trainee for 1 year at least.

What you donate: You pay Rs 60,000 every year for the stipend and upkeep of one SIMPLE trainee. We have promised to pay them a stipend of Rs 3000/3500/4000 pm in the 1st/2nd/3rd year respectively. We would also end up spending about 1200 to 1500 per month in boarding, lodging and misc expenses for every candidate. We also anticipate an additional expenditure of about Rs 500 pm per candidate on their training and exposure visits.

Satisfaction you get:

a) Of mentoring and helping a rural youth so that at the end of 3 years with your help and support at least one rural youth is able to learn how to earn and live with dignity, without leaving his home or village by working on less than 1 acre of land.

b) Of a rural youth connecting with you one on one and bringing to your home some of the fresh and organic produce that he produces once or twice a year

c) Of building a bond between him and you that deepens and flowers into a deep relationship someday where he becomes a good enough reason for you to visit your own land in Barkheda once or twice a year

d) Of building trust and as relationship matures, maybe he could even take care of your land at some point of time in future with a win-win engagement opportunity on both sides


We have opened a separate bank account with PNB, Nehru Nagar Bhopal just for SIMPLE project so that all the sponsors as well as the trainees can transparently see what is happening with their money.

Cheques could be drawn in favor of “Simple-Barkheda”. You could deposit the money in one go or in 4 equal installments of 15,000 each.