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News(vol.6)-June 2012

18th June 2012
A hearty Namaskar and welcome to this sixth report. A lot has happened at Sreejan in last one month .


The classrooms getting ready for Sreejan Vidya Peeth

Sreejan Vidya Peeth” is born:
We are all delighted at Barkheda…..come 1st July and the campus would be energized by about 20 to 30 kids…..thanks to N N Dhar Trust which contributed the initial seed money (this helped build the basic infrastructure, furniture, books etc) and to a gracious new member Deepak Dodani who gifted his Armada Jeep to carry school kids and the tremendous effort of our own Mehfuz we are ready to go.
To start with Sreejan Vidya Peeth or SVP (as we would like to call it) will have 3 classes. KG1 and KG2 in one class, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in one class and 4th and 5th in one class. 
Sarjan, a teacher from nearby Sagoni village (who has had previous experience of running a school of about 100 kids successfully for last 7 years on his own) has decided to join us as a Sreejan Karta…..(we didn’t ask him to change his name!)… He will be responsible for all admin and will also teach. He will be assisted by Radhey Shyam one more local teacher. 
Monika Gupta has taken the lead in directing the team at SVP including designing a curriculum and guiding the teachers and students……with her gentle presence and an ever smiling face we have absolutely no doubt that SVP will do wonders to the kids as much as to all of us surrounding the school.
As happens with any new initiative I can see some interesting challenges on the way… do we meet our recurring expenses (about 40k/mo)? how do we help our teachers teach in English a subject they themselves don’t know? how do we help the kids and their parents  fulfill their desires of becoming city folks like us while we being fully aware about  the consequences of such a journey?……and how do we balance liberal views on  
education with the traditional ones?......I believe we will more than meet these challenges as long as our hearts use our heads and not the other way round!


First AGM !

Please book yr tickets for our First AGM!!!
Very important event for YOU.
30th Sept-2nd Oct 2012
 All Sreejan Karta’s are engaged and working hard on their respective farms. Each SK has been able to make his farm monsoon ready well before time. They are looking forward to planting some high yielding crops like Haldi in the monsoon season…..they have started ‘dreaming’ and ‘thinking’ like an entrepreneur…..this is a huge achievement in a way. They have learnt the art of helping each other one farm at a time and thereby avoid hiring labor which is anyway not available these days.  
We have brought in more than 200 varieties of perennial fruit tree saplings like mangoes, oranges, lemons etc from different parts of India….some all the way from Amrutey Organic Nursery in Dapoli and some from Hyderabad, Nasik and Banglore.
Just to give you a picture of how the landscape is developing….we currently have 4 full time SIMPLE trainees(we call Sreejan Kartas) working on about 6 acres of land:
1. Bhurra is working on the 2 acre orchard around our main campus
2. Bhopali is working on the Nursery as well as 10 ‘Guntha’ and 15 ‘Guntha’  model
3. Sunil is working on his 1 acre independently
4. Santosh is working on his 1 acre independently
The idea is that each of them ultimately learns how to earn about 1 lac from his 1 acre. To start with he first grows all the food, fibre etc that we need for our own members AND also grows some high yielding crops like (Haldi) to put some cash in their hands. It is all about converting a helpless, landless poor farm worker into an energetic micro entrepreneur……
Today we can support 4 SIMPLE TRAINEES because we have just 4 financial supporters. The more SIMPLE sponsors that we get, the more trainees can we engage….OUR AIM IS TO HAVE AT LEAST 15 SREEJAN KARTA’S JOYFULLY ENGAGED BY THE END OF 2012.


What you donate: You pay Rs 60,000 every year for the stipend and upkeep of one SIMPLE trainee. We have promised to pay them a stipend of Rs 3000/3500/4000 pm in the 1st/2nd/3rd year respectively. We would also end up spending about 1200 to 1500 per month in boarding, lodging and misc expenses for every candidate. We also anticipate an additional expenditure of about Rs 500 pm per candidate on their training and exposure visits.
Satisfaction you get: 
a) Of mentoring and helping a rural youth so that at the end of 3 years with your help and support at least one rural youth is able to learn how to earn and live with dignity, without leaving his home or village by working on less than 1 acre of land. 
b) Of a rural youth connecting with you one on one and bringing to your home some of the fresh and organic produce that he produces once or twice a year 
c) Of building a bond between him and you that deepens and flowers into a deep relationship someday where he becomes a good enough reason for you to visit your own land in Barkheda once or twice a year
 d) Of building trust and as relationship matures, maybe he could even take care of your land at some point of time in future with a win-win engagement opportunity on both sides
We have opened a separate bank account with PNB, Nehru Nagar Bhopal just for SIMPLE project so that all the sponsors as well as the trainees can transparently see what is happening with their money.
Cheques could be drawn in favor of “Simple-Barkheda”. You could deposit the money in one go or in 4 equal installments of 15,000 each. 
Our Dena Bank account details in case you want to wire transfer are as follows:

Name of Account: Navankur
Branch: Dena Bank, Hamidia Road Branch, Bhopal
IFSC code: BKDN 0810842