Sreejan KARTA

Structure for Development of Sreejan KARTA

We believe that the Sreejan Karta/eco entrepreneur is the nucleus that we want to see grow and each of the nucleus is surrounded by 5 stake holders which facilitate that growth. For each nucleus to germinate and grow, the stake holders need to align and envelope themselves around the nucleus and nurture it like a new born for 3 to 5 years. Each stakeholder would have something to ‘offer’ and would expect something in ‘return’ both at the transaction level as well as at the higher levels of satisfaction.

In the long run each stakeholder would ensure the success of the nucleus because we believe that they see this beautiful synergy and interdependence as a rare opportunity for them to extract the ever so longed intrinsic value from their investment of time, energy and money. 

Nurturing “Sreejan Karta” is a crucial part of our overall objectives set forth in the concept we have named as “Sreejan”. A ‘Sreejan Karta’ could be groomed for any livelihood and living activity e.g. for farming or for eco tourism or for a health spa as an example.

Beginning 2012, our first attempt at Sreejan is to develop Sreejan Karta for farming and we launched a scheme called SIMPLE on 1st Jan 2012 to execute this model on the ground.