Sreejan BHOOMI

Sreejan BHOOMI - (Barkheda, Madhya Pradesh, India)

The village of Barkheda which is about 35 km from Bhopal city (towards Sehore) is where our ‘Sreejan bhumi’ is.  A group of investors hold about 150 acres of land in private ownership at Barkheda  and a society called ‘SEED’ in place . As more investors become members of ‘SEED’, the land mass keeps increasing. 

The mandate of this project is to use this land mass and with the help of 5 stake holders (explained in our Strategy Model ), create a vibrant community. This project is being led by Rajesh Gupta and Rajinder Raina and we hope to have all the 5 entities as envisaged up and running by the end of 2012. 

We believe that in next 5 to 10 years, a self organized, eco centric village of about 20 to 30 families should unfold at Barkheda, presenting itself as a model to replicate elsewhere.