Structure for Development

We believe that the Sreejan Karta/eco entrepreneur is the nucleus that we want to see grow and each of the nucleus is surrounded by 5 stake holders which facilitate that growth.

For each nucleus to germinate and grow, the stake holders need to align and envelope themselves around the nucleus and nurture it like a new born for 3 to 5 years.

Each stakeholder would have something to ‘offer’ and would expect something in ‘return’ both at the transaction level as well as at the higher levels of satisfaction. 
In the long run each stakeholder would ensure the success of the nucleus because we believe that they see this beautiful synergy and interdependence as a rare opportunity for them to extract the ever so longed intrinsic value from their investment of time, energy and money. 

This is how the ‘interdependence’ could be depicted:

  What it ‘Offers’ What it ‘expects’     Underlying intrinsic need
SREEJAN KARTA Effort/LabourLivelihood / compensation for effortAchieving Personal Vision by LIVING and PRODUCING the way he always wanted, financial freedom
SHASHWATCapitialNominal interestAchieving Personal Vision by EARNING returns on ethical investment
SHRISHTILandLease rent for landAchieving Collective Vision by NURTURING a nucleus ultimately to build a community in a healthy ecosystem
SEEDProvider of all support-Knowledge, technology, water, energy, biomassThe joy of seeing Sreejan Kartas succeed 
NAVANKURCommitment to buy the produce and give support to farmer or and connect to consumerWholesome, nutritious and fresh food for the consumers in BhopalAchieving a collective Vision by connecting the grower and the consumer for promoting organic food