Approach & Strategy Model

Our Approach:

We believe that there are 5 key pieces to the puzzle and an intervention not addressing all the 5 pieces together will not yield results. At Barkheda our attempt is to address all the five in an integrated and holistic way:

  1. Identify, train and nurture individual Sreejan Karta  to develop into responsible and successful entrepreneur for planet, people and profit
  2. Create conditions so that water, energy and biomass is abundantly available for the collective community, considered as an essential prerequisite for an individual Sreejan Karta to succeed
  3. Make available appropriate knowledge, appropriate technology and support (physical and emotional) to the Sreejan Karta as and when required, to help him become a self directed learner and an eco- entrepreneur 
  4. Build direct win-win relationship between Sreejan Karta and the consumer, so that one does not exploit the other
  5. Build a vibrant interdependent community, so that harmonious co-living and co-learning happens while individuals engage in meaningful livelihood, laughter and love

Our Model/Strategy:

Our intervention by design needs 5 key stake holders. Each stake holder contributes one piece of the puzzle and takes away something valuable in return. These five stakeholders need to work together for a minimum of 3 years on a given land mass for the results to unfold effectively. 

The 5 stake holders are:

  • ‘Sreejan Karta’  - An Eco Entrepreneur who wants to produce organically grown food on his/her allotted 1 acre plot and thereby generate a sustainable means of livelihood. He would latter have an option to take the same piece of land on lease on long term basis after 3rd year
  • ‘Shashwat’  - A Trust funded by Sreejan Hiteshis / individuals who are inspired by the idea and would want to mentor as well as help part finance these Sreejan Kartas ( eco-entrepreneurs) on a long term basis
  • ‘Shrishti’    - A Socially Oriented Land Bank Fund/Company (which holds common rights to the land otherwise privately owned by individuals, thru a Special Purpose Vehicle) which is ready to lease the land to the Sreejan Kartas under certain conditions e.g., of improving soil fertility and natural resources while farming
  • ‘SEED’     - A Cooperative Society of which all Sreejan Kartas are its members, which is funded by ‘Navankur’ the producer company (receiving 1/3rd of income that the producer company generates) and invests that amount to a) buy appropriate technology b) buy appropriate knowledge c) Restore and create surplus water in the whole watershed d) Restore and create surplus bio mass in the whole watershed e) Create seed bank to exchange with other communities f) Ensure energy surplus for the whole community for all its energy needs g) Build a resilient and interdependent community of Sreejan Kartas
  • ‘Navankur’  - A  Producer Company owned by all SK’s which connects them directly to the consumer. A for profit collective bargaining entity that is responsible for bringing economies of scale, eliminate exploitation by middlemen and be a business arm for the community