Objective of Sreejan

“To allow emergence of a federation of individuals who intend to pursue their individual journeys, bound by a common thread of wanting to live and learn together as per the infallible laws of nature to ultimately achieve ‘sakoon’ for all”

Sreejan as we see it in 2015

Thick productive forest interspersed with water bodies and about 10 to 15 self sustaining organic micro-farms(1 to 3 acres each).

Ample demonstration that it is possible to comfortably sustain a family of four by living and working on 1 acre of land.(maintaining at least middle class financial and social status)

10 to 15 EE’s(Eco Entrepreneurs)actually earning Rs 60,000 to 100,000/acre/year (after expenses) thru land or land based vocations.

Another 10 to 15 people living here (but not necessarily engaged as EE)

A population of about 50 people engaged at various levels of relationship…from simple visitor to EE to gain sharing

A fully self sustaining training campus……training 100 people/month.

A healthy consumer/producer relationship exists between EE’s and some consumers in Bhopal

Water used efficiently…..using less and less water more and more effectively although we have abundant surplus water in our water bodies

All energy needs are met locally….mostly thru biomass

The neighboring land of 50 to 100 acres has joined (with our 170 acres) in this journey

10 to 15 acres (out of the total 175) looking strikingly different from other area because of the intensive work that has been done for last 5 years….both on soil, biomass, water and on the people engaged there

People getting awe struck by seeing the proof on the ground of what we say in our website or training

Options to engage with Sreejan